- Mar 30, 2017-

1680D is 1680D double shares Oxford cloth referred to as double by double weft plain weave textile fabric, the original raw material for the nylon material.

Usually two 420d nylon silk through the wire, prepared twist, combined with a twist 840D wire, because the weave for the double by the double latitude, two 840D silk was 1680D double shares. 1680D double Oxford cloth has a strong tensile strength and wear resistance, and also has a very high density and water resistance, the waterproof performance generally reached the IPX3 or IPX4 waterproof level, combined with 1680D double shares of Oxford cloth has Noble luster, 1680D material is now generally used for high-end outdoor products or bags of fabric. Finishing more than rolling PVC, gypsum glue, PU coating, EVA composite, there will be transfer printing, hot-rolled, screen printing and so on. While the domestic manufacturers of 1680D double shares of Oxford cloth raw materials for the majority of polyester filament.

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