Buy food plastic bags pay attention to the main points

- Sep 13, 2018-

Buy food plastic bags, pay attention to the main points

1. The plastic packaging of the food plastic bag should have a Chinese logo, mark the name of the factory, the address of the factory, the name of the product, and indicate the word "food" in the obvious place. The product inspection certificate is attached to the product after leaving the factory.

2. Plastic packaging bags for food products are not smelly, odor-free, and have a special smell of plastic packaging bags, which cannot be used for food packaging.

3. Colored plastic bags cannot be used for food packaging.

4. Try to use materials that are not coated or coated. In modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion resistant, a large amount of material with plating is used. This not only makes it difficult to recycle and reuse the materials after the products are scrapped, but most of the coatings themselves are toxic. If people eat these packaged foods, it will cause great harm to people's bodies. In addition, the coating and plating process also brought great pollution to the environment. For example, if the paint volatizes toxic solvent gas, it will produce waste liquid containing heavy metals such as chromium and waste residue pollution during electroplating.

5. When purchasing food, it is best to use green packaging materials, and choose the original paper packaging as suitable or biodegradable plastic.

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