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- Mar 30, 2017-

Insulation cooler bag composition

Folding material

Currently on the market (especially business as a promotional gift) more common insulation package 

material for non-woven + aluminum foil Zhenzhu Mian. Followed by Oxford cloth or polyester.

Folding pattern

Insulation packages are generally silk screen, color pattern, non-woven insulation package can 

choose film or thermal transfer, offset printing. Oxford cloth or polyester insulation package 

will choose more heat transfer. |

Folding Edit this paragraph features and uses

Folding function

Ice pack is a kind of constant temperature effect of the package, can be cold / heat (with 

Dongnuanxialiang effect), the product insulation layer for the ultra-thick insulation cotton, t

o provide a good insulation effect; products can be folded, easy to carry.

Folding use


1, cold storage is generally known as ice pack, can be used as a mobile refrigerator, for the iced 

drink fruit, breast milk / tea / seafood and other food preservation; another also used for drugs,

 vaccines and other products refrigerated transport.

2, heat insulation is generally used for insulation food, lunch, restaurant and so on.


Fabric: Oxford cloth or nylon cloth, tough wear; configuration waterproof plastic bottom, 

with anti-skid pad at the bottom.

Construction: lunch bag is an improved mini-version of the ice bag. It is relatively small 

compared to the traditional ice pack, usually equipped with a crisper. Independent insulation 

food store, equipped with compression system, food storage from extrusion.

Inside: food warehouse inside the use of aluminum foil material, through the PE cotton insulation 

both cold insulation function. Environmental protection, direct contact with food.

insulated bag

insulated bag

Function: The use of hot melt seamless bonding technology, holding a long time.


Portable, lightweight, stylish design, food can be kept warm for a long time, easy to use, 

suitable for outdoor picnics and daily life (example: can be used for children to bring lunch 

to school, you can always enjoy fresh food, but also to ensure health.


Insulation test: 8 o'clock in the morning will be just cooked food lunch placed in the insulation

bag, and pull the zipper saved, and then go out to work, to the company after the place where

there is no wind. 12 o'clock or so, open lunch lunch, or warm, and want to eat directly Oh! 

For us to work in the company, especially in the absence of microwave ovens. Because it is 

the direct effect of testing the insulation package, in the lunch box outside did not do any 

thermal measures, is directly into the insulation bag. If you can add cotton clothing and other 

items in the bag, but also enhance the insulation effect! (Related to outdoor temperature).

Note: the same day the other meal, not placed in the insulation bag, after the same time, 

placed in the same position, the meat in the lunch box are frozen, the soup is also cold 

no temperature.

Cold test: with ice packs, ice bags flat in the refrigerator or freezer, frozen and frozen 

into the insulation bag, placed in food, beverages, fruit and other items above the side or side, 

pull the zipper can be. About 6 hours after the ice bag completely melted, the package of food and

beverages are also just like from the refrigerator out of the temperature (with the indoor and outdoor temperature).


Fold the characteristics of this paragraph

Folding hot and cold

Thermal insulation is the most basic function of the insulation package, is a short-term 

insulation effect of special bags, can be cold / heat, product insulation layer for the Zhenzhu 

Mian + aluminum foil foil, can provide a good insulation effect.

Folding durable

To have excellent impact resistance, stress or impact is not easy to break, will not leave 


Folding seal

This is the primary consideration of the choice of insulation package. Although the different 

brands of products sealed in different ways, but the excellent seal is the necessary conditions 

for the preservation of long-term preservation of food.

Folding preservation

International sealing test standards are assessed by moisture permeability test, high-quality 

insulation package than the same product moisture permeability of 200 times lower, you can keep

things fresh for a longer time.

Folding multifunctional diversity

Need for the design of different sizes, with the use of repeated use of science and technology ice

packs, ice pack can be cold can heat (ice bag can be frozen to -190 ℃ minimum, the maximum can 

be heated to 200 ℃, can cut the size of any)

Folding environmental protection

Food-grade environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, 

easy to change color

Folding maintenance instructions

1, the food stored inside the insulation package is prone to bad smell, must be regularly cleaned 

insulation package.

2, open the cover, with a soft towel or sponge dipped in warm water or neutral detergent to 

clean it, wipe.

3, the use of detergent, must be washed with water, and then dry with a dry cloth.

4, to always remove the dust at the top of the insulation package to avoid affecting 

the aesthetic effect.

Note: clean the insulation package do not directly sprinkle the water on the box, 

the box inside, so as not to damage the body into the insulation layer.

Folding notes

1, disable the fire contact or sharp cutting tool.

2, to avoid long-term in the rain, wet, sun exposure environment will affect the insulation effect.

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