Female mountaineer Luo Jing Shenzhen and then start

- Mar 30, 2017-

  Shenzhen Special Zone News (Reporter Li Dongming trainee reporter Zheng Weiheng) as 

the Chinese outstanding female mountaineer, Luo Jing still did not stop climbing footsteps. 29, 

in Shenzhen, a number of senior mountaineering enthusiasts and the support of the support of the

 oil, Luo Jing 11th 8000 meters snow mountain climbing ceremony held in Shenzhen. Luo Jing will 

start from Shenzhen, refresh their own record creation.

Luo Jing is the first Chinese woman who has reached the top of the Macquarie, the town of Chancheng,

the first Chinese women, the first Chinese women, Female mountaineer, at the meeting of the Luo Jing 

looks tall and thin, and even feel a little weak, it is difficult to her and "Chinese outstanding female

 mountaineer" this association together. Scene, Luo Jing and share with you the success of the past six 

years, 10 more than 8,000 meters above the peak of the thrilling story.

Among them, including the difficulty of climbing and the death rate is much higher than the world's highest

peak Mount Everest's second peak Qiao Goli peak, with the tenth peak of the Anna Pune peak adventure climbing 

story. Once, accompanied by 15 people, 5 people because of the accident and failed to come back. Luo Jing Yong 

and persistent to chase their own mountain climbing dream, dare to challenge and firm forward of the faith deeply 

touched the scene of the masses.

It is understood that the world a total of 14 elevations reached a peak of 8,000 meters, and in 2017, Luo Jing's 

plan is to continue to complete the remaining four more than 8,000 meters above the peak of the climb. Luo Jing

 admits that high-altitude snow-capped mountains climbing in the country or a very small minority of the circle, 

the social concern is not high Hope that they can let more people understand the snow-capped mountains to climb,

 to help promote the development of outdoor sports and promote the mountain climbing spirit. "People's life is very

 short, should be more try, at least once for their own want to do things go all out, without regret." Luo Jing said.

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