Handbag factory products with a variety of colors with features

- Oct 25, 2016-

In order to meet the feeling of refreshing spring and summer many brands are unanimously launched a pure white package decoration, handbag factory white version used to match the new season clothing, giving the feeling of fresh and casual, white series also eye-catching, Surface shoulder bag with drawstring effect, noble and mature, and leisure feeling white hatchback distribution, together with the red and white cotton backpack, leisure is full of sports fun, but also a bright summer, the air is full of With a dazzling passion, beauty once again echoed in the hot, so the sun, lace, dress, as well as sandals and package decoration, when the two sides of the touch of different Huarong, people seem to hear the flowers fall in the Stream when the sound of sandals and package decorated the colorful encounter.

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