How to judge the quality of leather

- Oct 25, 2016-

1. Tension and elasticity Try: naturally produced animal skin has a good elasticity and tension, on the contrary that is artificial leather.

2. Dripping: Dongguan handbag factory products absorbent surface of the surface of the naturally occurring animal skin, on the contrary there may be artificial leather.

3. Blowing try: can aim at the opposite side of the animal skin cooked with saliva blowing, exposed in the positive leakage, it is because the dermis has this "anti-reverse performance", when you wear leather, the defense effect is very superficial cold , But also the formation of a good breathability, which fully demonstrated the value of the dermis.

4. Odor Discrimination: naturally produced animal skins have a very strong smell of fur, even though disposed of, the taste is more surface, and artificial leather products, there is a molecular compound of plastic taste, no fur flavor.

5. Nature of the animal skin cooked pattern is irregular, the thickness is also Alice edge, its appearance is often more or less, or light or heavy there is a natural incomplete, the Dongguan Shoudai Chang product appearance Guangliu fine Not the same degree of precision, the general side of the abdomen diastolic, full leather surface with the surface of the sweat and stripes, leather in the pile.

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