Note the production of handbags Note

- Oct 25, 2016-

1, sewn signs: signs is the number of handbags, not sloppy.

2, pull the bone: handbags made of paper to be uniform, corner position can not be wrinkled, even the four corners, bone aggregate should be close to the bone core, can not appear broken bone phenomenon.

3, before the bag: must cover the front pinhole, in the Wai Wai or at the end of the bit from the needle, put out the four corners of the bag to be parallel, symmetrical.

4, sewn zipper: paper mouth to be uniform, uniform, handbags made special attention to the direction of the zipper. Suture out of the chain stickers to be flat, not from the waves.

5, Bian Wai: Bian Wai is the chain Wai, the Wai, Wai Wai and other links.

6, sewing what Masteel: car line to the hook side of uniform, burr, up and down parallel, can not be skewed.

7, packet edge: packet edge paper mouth can not have big fine edge, discount, puncture phenomenon, corner to round.

8, car head cover: the needle car, to balance, can not be skewed, the line should be straight, even paper mouth.

9, sewing side of the bag: pay attention to pull the first direction, pull the buried zipper, pull the first in the direction of the former, the bag out to the four corners Founder, up and down parallel.

10, sewn strap: special attention to the Quartet card and the center line, under normal circumstances the square card length of 1.5 inches, the center line to go through the intersection, can not bend, four sides card edge fold mouth to the average uniform, the last needle line to coincide.

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