Shoudai Chang on the purchase of handbags attention to matters

- Oct 25, 2016-

1. Surface: Shoudai Chang introduced, should be vouchers, smooth, no design outside the joints, no bubbles, no naked fur edge (in addition to design style requirements), color uniformity.

2. In: Whether the use of textile materials or leather products (leather lining generally do not have leather), color and package surface coordination. Lining joints more, but the pin children should be fine, should not be too large.

3. strap: This is an important part of handbags, but also the most vulnerable parts. So, one is to check the strap there is no style, crack; two to see the strap and the bag body connection is strong.

4. Hardware: Shoudai Chang about the external jewelry as a handbag, in addition to some practical, but its role is more of a finishing touch. In the purchase of handbags, the hardware shape, workmanship, color matching should be carefully observed, the color is easy to fade.

5. Line: Whether using bright or dark lines, pin children should be uniform length, and no exposed thread.

6. Glue: Whether the surface and the inside of the adhesive, or the strap and the bag body of the adhesive, or accessories, the glue used well is the key. Look at the time must pull a pull to see.

7. Zipper: Shoudai Chang elaborate, mainly to see the color of the zipper with the style of the bag and the smoothness of the zipper.

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