Large Capacity Oxford Cloth Student's Portable Bag

Large Capacity Oxford Cloth Student's Portable Bag

This is a very lovely insulated bag, using Oxford waterproof fabric. Suitable for children and office workers.The thermal insulation effect can be up to 4-6 hours and the price is very cheap.

Product Details


1. Weaving tight, fine texture, durable

2. Compact size, light weight, insulation, cooling, convenient

3. Built-in waterproof layer, waterproof design, easy to clean

4. Zipper design, smooth opening and closing, durable

5. The bag is made of durable aluminum insulation, easy to clean and contains no BPA. The upgraded 3mm durable EPE insulation will keep your food or beverage at the optimum temperature for hours. Suitable for summer and winter use

Products description


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Guangdong, China (Mainland)



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Lunch Bag
























Reusable Insulated Cooler Bag



1. It is best not to use a light-colored plastic lunch bag for a long time in a slightly high temperature environment, otherwise it will be easier to degumming.

2. Imitation nylon material lunch bag Need to place the stain, otherwise it is more difficult to clean. It is best to use the misty volatile cleaning agent sprayed on the surface after use every day. Then wipe it with a clean soft cloth.

3. It is best not to use a brush when cleaning to prevent the surface from falling off.

4. When placing the lunch box, make sure the lunch box is covered and sealed.

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