Small Cooler Picnic Bag For Students

Small Cooler Picnic Bag For Students

This insulation bag is PU material, good waterproof property. The exterior is delicate and small, and the price is very cheap. The stylish look is perfect for students and office workers for lunch bags.

Product Details


1. Comfortable shape and size, easy to carry, suitable for small batch shipment

2. Durable, external and internal waterproof, long service life. PE foam provides the longest cold life.

3. Provide a closed cold chain environment to ensure product protection and quality

4. Reusable, available in a single unit, easy to install and remove

5. Depending on the cold source and ambient temperature used

6. Maximize the storage space of items, saving transportation and storage costs

7. Save on packaging and shipping costs


Before use, dry the non-toxic sealed HT ice bricks and put them in the refrigerator until they are completely frozen (about 10 hours). If using an HT ice pack, fill it with clean fresh water, tighten the nut, and follow the same steps.

Remove the frozen package from the refrigerator, place each package in the box at the indicated location, and close the lid.

When the box temperature drops below 8℃, open the lid and refrigerate the contents in a cold shipping container. Close the lid.

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