Accessories In The Custom-made Business Card To Play The Role Of Finishing Touch

- Oct 25, 2016-

Accessories in the leather business card holder design and production is often the finishing touch from the role, is custom-made business card folder is one of the most important content. Accessories and accessories are practical accessories, their main material alloy, copper, steel, plastic, wood, leather, etc., the application of electroplating, spray color, Lasha, grinding plastic, laser (laser), engraving, Process to produce.

Practical accessories refers to a practical function and performance, its shape and pattern can make people imagine the parts, can make leather business card folder custom-made products shine objects. These accessories include a variety of materials to mention the switch lock, zipper licensing, foot nails, buttons, screws, buttons and so on.

Decorative hardware refers to the expression of various styles and creativity, only with ornamental, do not have the practicality of pure decorative parts, can also use a variety of materials to produce, including a variety of materials, patterns, and other types of decorations.

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