Backpack Accurate Back Law:

- Nov 01, 2017-

First, pick a hard backpack

There are many styles of backpack on the market, quite a mixed bag. Many businesses in order to reach the sale of the intention, will be used in many general backpack is also a professional backpack to sell. If you buy such a backpack, loss of money does not matter, with uncomfortable, and even the formation of back injury, it was a small loss. Professional backpack (in the rise above the number will have two (perhaps a block) alloy or carbon backplane to support all the backpack, if you look at the backpack without the two backplane (perhaps the back is very soft ), That this must not be a professional backpack.

Second, let the backpack close to your back

Trek in the process, so that backpack close to your back, so will be more effort. Good backpack back will have sweat plan, so not afraid to close the backpack in the back.

Three, tighten all the tape

Trek before and during the journey to pay attention to tighten all the shoulder straps and waist bags, do not let the backpack swing, which is to reduce the physical cost of the main practice. Good backpack, when you put all the tape tightened, you can carry a backpack fast running forward. General backpack is not the case.

Do not learn the wild backpack common sense

First, pick backpack, make up your hands

Fantasy you are walking through the jungle, left hand and right hand carrying a large bag of luggage, trekking is hard you can imagine not only that, but also the formation of a simple risk. If at this time you are using a backpack that can put all the luggage into it, that is another situation, you will feel that the jungle crossing, in fact, is a very easy thing. Remember this guideline: field tour, pick backpack, empty out your hands.

Second, big backpack and small backpack

There are many kinds of backpack, a day trip small backpack, a few days trip of the medium-sized backpack, as well as for remote tour backpack (frame). Choose a suitable backpack from the back, is a successful tour and a happy key. Under normal circumstances, if it is a day trip short excursion, pick a 20 liters below the small backpack will be able to; if it is a week tour, you need a sleeping bag can be loaded medium-sized backpack, 30-50 liters is good It is necessary to prepare a large backpack (or even a backstack) of 60 liters for a professional envoy who is looking for a long distance tour.

Three, pockets very easy to use

On the walking process often need to use things, such as compass, knife, pen, wallet and other small items, if placed in the backpack will be very convenient, then if there is a purse, it is too convenient.

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