Backpack Making The Trip More Secure And Comfortable

- Sep 14, 2017-

Mountaineering, camping, outing, good backpack in addition to the spirit of hearty, carrying a lot of things, the liberation of hands, to maintain the balance of the body, making the trip more safe and comfortable. In the mind to establish some of the concept of the backpack, allows you to safely and comfortably embarked on the journey.

1. The size of the manufacturers are not the same, in general, the size of the belt is as follows: If your waist circumference (around the hip bone week) is 68 cm below, select the special trumpet. If your waist is 68-78 cm, choose the trumpet. If your waist is 78-92 cm, select the number. If your waist is 92-106 cm, choose large. If your waist is more than 106 cm, choose a large size. Do you have any gaps between your shoulder and your shoulder blades (except for humps).

Good package can be arbitrarily adjusted on their own weight distribution on the shoulder, you can adjust the physical and the environment at any time. In short, the good carrying system is appropriate, you can transfer most of the weight (more than 60%) to the hip and buttocks, so your shoulders will be much easier, more flexible and active. At that time you may have enough energy to enjoy nature.

2. Simply talk about it. Talk about the material, the general good package to choose like 500D Cordura this is both solid and can prevent a little water material. Must choose a super-strength material at the end of the package. This is one of the easiest places to wear, preferably with 1000D Cordura fabric. To the large YKK zipper. Although these things are too big to add weight, but still strong enough. Carry the system must have a good filling material, to be strong. Too soft and so when you back more things when the miserable.

Inside the rack and your body between the filling material can be slightly soft, the best is the kind of mesh, you can sweat. The inside of the bag is best to have the kind of elongated "collar" (Storm Collar). When you do not need to bring a lot of things, your bag looks very small Such as 95 liters of the package it, may look like a 70 liters or so. Removable back cover. When you build a camp, something else can be placed in the car or camp, the back cover a pick, the necessities on the inside, so you have a small backpack. The general package has a sleeping bag pocket, if you do not need sleeping bags can also be installed other.

3. Some packages can not only fill from the top, the front pocket and the package itself is connected. If you need to pack the package after the need to take things from the package below, you can pull the zipper from the front pocket to get, save from the top one by one to turn. In addition, the bottle is also useful to install the bottle. It is best to have the function of bundling things. As for whether to carry ice ax tripod according to individual needs, most people do not have access.

Finally talk about the backpack filling. We talk about how to buy a half-day package, in fact, the most important is the backpack filling. Inside the package if the loading is not appropriate, back up very uncomfortable, tired do not say, maybe you have to flash. My experience is also inadequate, so it is best to have experienced outdoor enthusiasts to help you design it. In general, the backpack package needs the body to move forward slightly tilted. This is also the shortcomings of the shelf, after all, the body will be tired of a long time. However, a good way to fill can solve or alleviate this problem. General heavy things should be placed close to the top and close to the back, such as stoves, lamps. The center of gravity you can straighten the waist The camera and lens can also be placed on the top if they can be placed in a small camera bag. If you go to the area you can take out with. You put the sleeping bag and do not need to change the clothes on the bottom, the other things do not have the best put down. Need to often take things on the side pocket, such as the rain of the Jackets, maps, compass and the like. In any case, buy the best time to buy your equipment to the store to try. Must be picky, not suitable for people do not make do not comfortable. The merchant who sells the pack is more concerned with how much money he can make, but for you it's not just a few hundred dollars.

Backpacking - varies from person to person

Note: 1, shoulder strap adjustment range must be consistent with the length of the back in order to make the center of gravity in the ideal position;

2, the hip belt must be able to tie on the hip bone.

3, backpack should also be seen from the back of the buttocks and legs, the body of the petite women to pay special attention to this point, do not back from the backpack can only see the backpack and calf, it is very wrong and dangerous of.

Back steps: 1, before the backpack, all the adjustment with the release of the weight, weight to know the feeling of backpack back, bear the adjustment range is appropriate

2, backpack should be checked after the inclusion of aluminum curvature and back curve is consistent, if not check whether the aluminum can be bent, if the bending is used for some time after the aluminum will naturally bend into the curve with the back.

3, shoulder strap and backpack connection must be lower than the shoulder 5-8 cm, and shoulder strap and backpack between the gap to be small.

4, chest can adjust the shoulder strap in the chest opening and closing the width, and the shoulder strap can be more comfortable on the shoulder position, and can prevent the backpack shaking.

5, when the backpack to adjust to the most appropriate position, should check the head of the line of sight how? Whether it can look up and not hit the top of the backpack? Can I still look up to the sky when wearing a helmet? Backpack and back contact part is comfortable and breathable? Should also pay special attention to shoulder strap, hip belt mat width and quality.

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