BackpackMaterial More Diversified

- Aug 28, 2017-

Knapsack, also known as "rucksack", is a luggage bag with one to two shoulder straps that can hang on the back of human beings. From the use of modern march load items, developed into a modern backpack. Although the structure and materials have improved, but its main structural system is still shoulder strap and luggage bag. Because human beings are difficult to rely on both hands to carry heavy objects, so backpack is often used to carry or carry the weight of the preferred tool. According to different applications, outdoor activities such as walking, mountain climbing, hiking, travel and cycling, etc., or daily shopping and school, the use of backpack will be comfortable and lightweight. When the load, such as cargo transport, camping and marching, the use of backpack design will be different, for example, will use a more breathable material, the inside with support frame, the weight transferred to the buttocks, or shoulder strap can be added to fill Objects to reduce the pressure on the shoulder and with a belt and so on.

With everyone living and consumption standards continue to improve, all kinds of backpack as people indispensable jewelry. We asked the luggage products not only in the practicality has been strengthened, decorative also have to expand.

According to the taste of consumers change, backpack material more diversified, leather, plastic material, polyester, canvas, linen and other texture luggage to lead the fashion trend. At the same time, in the increasingly advertised period of personality, simple, retro, cartoon and other styles from different sides to meet the needs of fashion personality publicity. The style of the luggage is also from the traditional business package, school bags, travel bags to pencil bags, coins, small bags and other expansion.

1. leisure models with

Casual section of the backpack is mostly more fashionable, vibrant, more refreshing models. Can highlight cute cute.

2. student collocation

Students in recent years for the requirements of the package in the pursuit of function at the same time pay more attention to fashion and the trend, the students backpack roughly with the leisure section of a little overlap. As the retro style of the rise again, once the basic models of the backpack and then back to the people of their vision, these models are mostly multi-color-based play, candy color, fluorescent color, printing combined with college and fashion characteristics of the backpack is not only From the students of praise. These backpack both reveal the freshness of the college wind and full of vitality, not rigid. As the type of regular, colorful, very take students on weekdays monotonous uniforms and ordinary leisure travel dress.

3. travel with

Most of the travel bag backpack focus on the comfort of the shoulder strap, back breathability, and large capacity. Therefore, the general travel models are very large, but there is no lack of fashion and there are large capacity models, such as the right side of this messenger backpack a couple travel money. Fashion retro bucket retro models, sub-size package type for selection. The design of the drum is more type than the ordinary package type. Bright colors can also add a good mood for the trip. Very suitable for solid color casual style or sports style clothes to do with.

4. business models with

Now the demand for computers more and more common, office workers had to be able to install a variety of documents and computer backpack. Fine shirt plus trousers is a lot of office workers generally loaded Su, ordinary backpack is not enough to highlight the body of the business atmosphere. A good business backpack, not only can increase the temperament of the body, multi-functional partition to create a well-organized package within the new pattern, in the face of unexpected situations more quickly respond freely. General business models are more tough three-dimensional, with a decent shirt, can be a good set off business people up and down the gas field.

Cleaning method

If dirty too neutral detergent can be used to clean the backpack and then placed in a cool place to dry, but to avoid exposure for too long, because the UV will hurt the nylon cloth hiking process still have to pay attention to the basic maintenance, backpack is punctured to be immediately sewn to use more Thick needle and thread is specially sewn the cushion of the needle to be sewn, nylon line can be broken with fire. The specific method is as follows:

1, with a small brush to float the brush clean, suitable for only floating gray backpack.

2, with a soft towel water wipe, and then dry, apply to ordinary stains (such as mud) backpack.

3, in the big pot for a few days, and then repeated rinse, apply to the dirty little backpack.

4, remove the backpack system with a washing machine, suitable for cleanliness of the lazy.

Collection method

Cool, dry environment, to avoid mold damage backpack cloth outer layer of waterproof coating, usually check the main support points, such as belts, shoulder strap, carrying the stability of the system to avoid wiping or hardening of the gasket and I do not know, , Do not wait until something slip out of the backpack to remedy.

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