Choose The Handbag For You

- Jun 16, 2017-

  Choose the handbag for you


  If the height of 165 cm or more, should try to choose a total length of about 60 cm, can be loaded into a magazine size of the hand bag;

  If the height of 158 cm below, you should choose a total length of about 50 cm, can be placed in the magazine size of the hand bag, elongated body ratio.


  1, tall and thin: you can choose any style of fashion handbags. However, the larger point of the hand bag and shoulder bag the most suitable for you. But if you really like a small handbag, just make sure it is perfectly close to your shoulders.

  2, petite and plump: petite bags should be the most suitable for you, because too big package may make you look more short Oh.

  3, more full of women: the best choice for more curved curvature of the bag, because this bag can emphasize your curve of the United States. Do not be too long bags, just in the waist above just fine. Do not want to avoid the use of small bags, that will make you look more stature, recommend you use the medium size of the fashion handbags.


  1, hand bag: as much as possible to choose SIZE large hand bag. In this remind friends: do not remember to follow the hand bag to go shopping, the consequences will be very bad.

  2, formal occasions Handbags: such as cocktail party and dance, remember evening and handbags to be a reasonable match. Workmanship and quality are excellent hand bag is your wise choice, the material can choose silk, velvet, patent leather, beaded cloth and so on. If you want to do more long-term investment, you can choose black or some metallic color.

  3, informal occasions hand package: If you are a club and PUB regulars, choose cheap hand bag is more practical, at least you do not have to worry if you lost, then you will have too much loss. The most basic principle: this handbag should be able to match at least three or more clothes. A special material, eye-catching packet can make your body are bright.

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