Do You Know The Process Of Making Custom Card Packs?

- Oct 25, 2016-

Process is the production of genuine leather card package in a variety of processes, production methods and production technology, is a custom card package reflects the quality and grade of an important part of the product. Width, slope and other technology and data; sewing aspects of the needle shape, pin number, screenwriter, the number of lines, line color, line quality, and that the seam, the dark, dark, Seam, semi-transparent seam of the technology and data.

Customized card package production process also includes the choice of materials, processing technology and data from; assembly process, folding, edge, oil edge, glue, paste the technology and data; branding, silk screen, car decoration line, computer embroidery , Punching, wearing rope, wearing beads, needle flowers and other decorative techniques and data.

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