Enterprise Backpack Customization Need To Consider What

- Sep 28, 2017-

Enterprise backpack customization need to consider what

With the global resources continue to saturation, the Chinese market has gradually formed a "customer-centric" tailor-made service trends, and constantly expand to each service industry, which enterprises the most custom gift custom. Enterprise gift customization led the stationery category, jewelry category, luggage category personalized custom, backpack customization to adapt to corporate products, business activities, employee benefits gifts, so choose a good backpack manufacturers is the key to determine the quality of corporate gifts. So, companies find factory custom backpack, need to consider what?

Quality, quality always always stressed in the luggage of the problem, its main points are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Enterprise custom backpack can choose any material, but environmental protection must pay attention. Luggage industry survey report shows that China's low-end luggage market spread, they scattered in a variety of small commodity wholesale city, stall, 80% of the package for some small factories, small workshops to do low-end products, because of lack of funds, many enterprise hardware production facilities And software R & D personnel is relatively weak, jerry-building phenomenon is more serious, made of poor quality package, no design, no personality, no protection, and some also use a large number of toxic raw materials, harmful to human health. So companies choose backpack manufacturers, manufacturers can send back from the backpack model to determine the quality of the manufacturers system is perfect.

Carrying the system quality, carrying the system can be checked from the backpack size and carrying the accessories. Backpack custom size requirements are, according to the requirements of the enterprise and the design of the rationality to decide, a fit backpack absolutely can reduce the body load. So the enterprise to mention the size of the request, you can pick one of the company girls and boys to measure the length of the spine as a reference.

Custom backpack number, in the backpack customization should be identified before the number of custom number, as a backpack manufacturers are the lowest number from the set. If the number is not determined to blindly find the manufacturer to do the goods, the price is one of the factors, the other is not necessarily fine goods do fine

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