Handbag Product Classification

- Jun 30, 2017-

  Handbag product classification

  Handbag printing from its type to divide, can be divided into advertising bag, shopping bag, gift bag.

  Advertising bag

  Advertising bag design focus on advertising as the steady development, through the graphics of creativity, symbol recognition, text description and printing color stimulation, triggering consumer attention, resulting in intimacy, promote product sales. Advertising bag design accounted for most of the market, advertising bags are also divided into shopping bags, promotional bags, brand handbags, VI plans to promote the bag.

  Shopping bag

  Shopping bag is designed for supermarkets and shopping malls. Shopping malls in order to facilitate the consumer shopping, contact with the feelings of consumers, and design a dedicated bag. This type of bag printing more use of plastic material, it is more than other handbags, structure, materials are relatively solid, more able to accommodate more items, shopping bags on the visual factors, mainly supermarket publicity logo, highlight the supermarket, shopping malls The image, to convey the information of the shopping area;

  Gift bag

  Gift bag is designed to improve the value of gifts, carry a gift to facilitate the design of the bag form. Gift bag design modeling more refined, graphic gorgeous, beautiful, there is a good look to see the appearance of the gift of gifts.

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