HandbagsMaintenance Method

- Aug 28, 2017-

Handbags, refers to the hands of a variety of bags with the general name, and the general handbag factory handbags, but it is a broad sense of the handbag, and its products include: a household with a pocket, back pocket; , Wallet; can also be called it for the bag, double folder class. In general, the use of handbags, travel bags, briefcases, bags of time, bags, wallets, pockets, bags, wallet nine categories.

Like a woman like a watch like a woman, like the style is difficult to hold back the chop hand, a high-quality handbags can improve the quality of a woman, but women in the purchase of the beloved handbag, suddenly one day Found that the favorite handbag was accidentally dirty, scratched, it was really tears ah!

So teach you a few recipes handbags Dafa, as long as the daily life of the following four situations can make your beloved handbag lasting as new.

1. leather handbag to "breathe"

Because many handbags are made of leather material, so soft and can remain tough at the same time, like human skin, the surface of these cortical materials have small pores, it is precisely because of these pores, in order to create a soft texture of the handbag, So ah in the storage of such leather handbags, to avoid the crowded cabinets or windowsill side, because long-term non-ventilated or long-term hair will make the cortex gradually hardened, then do not cry Oh.

2. Rainy day is a nightmare

Whenever the rain, the most distressed handbags, especially looking at those who take a handbag rain girl, I do not know the rain in recent years, acidity gradually increased, that acid rain on people's skin have hurt, not to mention the same leather handbags, which The most typical is the suede, leaching after the rain, suede cortex will change color, resulting in uneven color, and finally turned into a cat, and difficult to repair! So ah, in the rain the best prepared a handbag dedicated rain cover, so that neither affect the use of the belly will not be hurt.

3. Too much will cause the zipper to be damaged

Do not store too much or too much in the handbag items, hard plug too much or too heavy items will lead to broken zipper. Because the handbag zipper is the overall strength of the handbag of a force point, if too much or too heavy material will lead to zipper beyond the work intensity, prone to escape or damage to the next ribbon, sewing thread loose, then maintenance may In trouble.

4. Do not use water and soap

If the use of handbags in the process of causing stains, do not try to use daily cleaning supplies cleaning their own Oh! Otherwise you will find that the stain is actually removed, the handbag is also destroyed! Because the leather handbag care is the need to use a professional cleaning agent and cleaning tools, in the absence of the corresponding cleaning supplies and do not understand the cleaning method, do not try to clean up, you can choose to handbags to the store or professional leather care Shop for maintenance.

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