History Of Handbag Development

- Jun 30, 2017-

  History of handbag development

  The development of handbags from the transport of information into the media in China popular later, but since ancient times there is the existence of handbag production: whenever the New Year, our ancients will use a variety of flowers, the four A corner into a knot made into a simple bag, fitted with rich New Year's goods, to friends and family for centuries, congratulations to the new Jubilee. Ordinary time, made of linen durable linen bag, fitted with washing clothes and utensils, to the distance, walking relatives, working. Even in today's society can still see many of the traditional, rich local bag exists, housewife knit sweater, used to install the group of cloth bag, or after get off work to carry the supplies of woven bags are More typical of the design of the bag.

  The bag is a lot of time in the supermarket era. Before and after 1930, the way of life of the people of the world has changed with the height of economic growth, from the era of ignorance into the era of mass production and then enter the era of mass storage of goods, followed by the economic crisis. With the change in the way to buy, the United States first appeared in the supermarket, in this way of trafficking, people are free to choose the product you like. However, after the purchase of many items, the face of a pile of small, trivial goods, how to take them home has become a consumer problem. However, this is the starting reason for the large number of use of handbags.

  In the nineties before and after the emergence of China's supermarkets this circulation, due to the emergence of new forms of circulation, so that the bag in China has been developed.

  Today, the development of commodity economy is becoming more and more mature, a high-quality goods is not only the performance of market value, but also the extension of the connotation of commodity culture, so the bag is not just as a single means of transport, to pass some simple information. Handbag printing reflects the business businessmen attention to the degree of goods, showing the corporate culture. Handbag is a practical, reaction to the development trend of goods, but also with the effectiveness of advertising supplies.

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