How To Change The Fashion Trend Of The Totes Bags

- Jul 25, 2017-

  How to change the fashion trend of the Totes Bags

  Popular style one: simple style

  This year's autumn and winter, simple leather Totes Bagss popular, the major brands have launched similar shopper minimalist style Totes Bags, remove all kinds of exaggerated Totes Bags decoration, simple department to reveal the perfect texture of leather Totes Bagss. In the autumn and winter sunshine shining, vaguely emitting in the fluorescent luster, soft colors so that this season has become warm up. Simple but not simple exquisite beauty, set off professional women's self-confidence and professional, show the extraordinary charm.

  For modern women, the tedious life of the minutiae and the work of the huge competitive pressure is inevitable, with such a simple lady Totes Bags, as inadvertently for their lives and work, into a spring, easy and pleasant.

  Popular style two: tassel style

  Keep up with the trend of the point, there are some fashion elements you can never turn a blind eye, elegant tassel is one of them, whether it is elegant or tough, tassels can be a perfect interpretation.

  In the tassels under the embellishment, wheat Totes Bagss of leather Totes Bagss added a rich sense of hierarchy and naughty joy. Carrying such a tassel cowhide Totes Bags out of the street, in bringing a strong retro flavor at the same time, also mixed with some of the Bohemian style unique and casual.

  Popular style three: animal pattern style

  Whether it is serpentine or leopard pattern, in the fashion industry has been enduring, in the fashion reincarnation will always keep a place. This year is more favorable, the stars are also put it down, animal fashion trend swept the world, from the clothes, Totes Bagss, shoes to accessories, animal scale everywhere, whether it is a large area of use or local embellishment, the release of wild , Charm, dynamic can not resist, dumping.

  Revival in the classic and fashionable intersection in the animal pattern of leather Totes Bagss above the non-woven Totes Bagss of the designers from the nature of the jungle adventure into the hustle and bustle of the city, Leopard's sexy and serpentine glamorous, A small animal pattern Totes Bags, you can make the crowd in the fashion and the trend of the focus.

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