How To Harness The Practical Sense Of The Backpack

- Oct 25, 2017-

How to harness the practical sense of the Backpack

If you are a person who prefers a mini bag, you can't take all your belongings with you on a hot summer day. Do not worry, and then a big package double back can solve the problem, so that the double back not only your problem into a solution, but also in the visual richness of your sense of shape, do not abandon one, walking in the forefront of the trend, are back on the street.

Any style can choose double material

No matter what kind of package you like, you can find the collocation plan, the Backpack, the oblique package, the hand bag can be, the trick is that you want to mix the two out of the difference. Of course, the material also needs to be considered, even if the same color of different materials, can also build a sense of hierarchy, if the choice of the same material, it is not a good opportunity to waste concave shape.

The new package is used to balance the color harmoniously.

Many have introduced the modelling of funny hand bag, whether it is perfume bottle or McDonald's sweet tube, today's mobile phone or ipad protection sleeve can be out of the street, with a simple package, compared to the style of play to turn up a very stylish. In addition, do not loss and forget the coordination between the two packages and clothes, the color selection of the package can be done from the clothing extension or contrast color, bag and clothes between the style is not too big difference.

The collocation suggestion of the tide bag double back

Suggest a

The package can be different types, the same color can also play the difference in size, in addition, you can use different materials of the tide package, build your sense of hierarchy.

Recommendation two

Choose an amusing hand bag or digital product protection set, and then with a large size of the carry-on bag, tide fan immediately, banana protection sleeve plus a chain with yellow messenger bag, the street you most suction.

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