Master These Four Points, No Matter What Brand Of Students Will Not Be Bad Backpack

- Oct 25, 2017-

Usually on the Internet can always see such problems, such as: what brand of students bag good? Which brand of student bags and a series of related issues, that many users of the Backpack brand more concerned about. Xiaobian below to tell you to buy the four major points of the bag, to master these four points, no matter what brand of students will not be bad Backpack.

First, students should pay attention to light bags

Regardless of what brand of Backpack are good, the bag material to light is the first focus, the original physical aspects of primary school students is more fragile, carrying books and items are not a small amount, in order to avoid the increase in primary school students, bags should try to choose light Material. In addition, you should avoid the Backpack too much metal buckle, because too much metal parts in addition to the weight of the bag, there may be harm to the back.

Second, students should pay attention to the Backpack

Students with a strap on the strap, can prevent the shoulder strap fall, due to the reasons for the majority of primary school students, with a fixed band, the bag will not chaos, so, even on the school road with the students Xi Xi, safety factor Are relatively stable and more.

Third, the student bags should pay attention to the belt

High quality student bags are usually equipped with belts. Use the belt to make the bag closer to the back, the average weight of the bag unloaded in the lumbar bone and bone above. And the belt can be fixed in the waist bag, to prevent the Backpack wavering, reducing the pressure on the spine and shoulder to bear. In general, the student bag should be equipped with a reduced belt, if you think the bag is too heavy, back up some hard, you can match the belt will feel a lot lighter.

Fourth, students should pay attention to shoulder bag width

As the pupils are young, the shoulder strap should be wide, help to reduce the pressure on the shoulder bag, and can evenly distribute the weight of the bag; and with the padded shoulder strap, you can reduce the bag on the trapezoid Of the strain, if the shoulder strap too young, trapezius muscle will be more susceptible to fatigue.

Mastered the four main points, no matter what brand of students will not be bad Backpack.

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