Six Kinds Of Sewing Process Commonly Used In Handbags Processing Factory

- Oct 25, 2016-

In the processing of leather bags, the factory technicians often use a variety of sewing technology to suture the product. Flat seam, the seam, the seam, tied edge of the seam, tied edge of the seam, the package edge of the seam is the female bag processing plant commonly used in 6 kinds of sewing process. Whether you are processing wallet, hand bag, or Messenger bag, shoulder bag, briefcase, sewing technology are inseparable from the technical support.

Flat seam - refers to the use of sewing machine (flat car) on the single or multi-layer overlapping parts of the connection or sewing lines and other decorative processes.

Inside the seam - also known as the dark seam or buried bag, is the two parts of the edge of the face-to-face together after sewing over, people see the seam joints can not see a trace of a traditional process.

Outer stitch - also called outside stitch, refers to the two connecting parts of the sewing layer relative to the seam sewing, you can see the upper and lower thread of a traditional process. Hand sewing and high-head car sewing method, suitable for female bag processing plant software and bags of stereotypes bags and cross-head three-dimensional structure of the last sewing process.

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