Texture Lines Affect The Appearance Of The Effect Of Custom-made Leather Card Package

- Oct 25, 2016-

The texture of the genuine leather bag includes the pattern and artificial texture of the material itself. Early leather products for the dermal grain effect (known as the needle pattern), as well as textile materials, cloth patterns and printed on the fabric in a variety of patterns; modern custom leather card package products, there are many true and false Fake animal or plant texture; modern on the basis of the previous application of more natural things texture and design a variety of set texture, space-time patterns and other creative textures.

The product line is composed of a variety of surface and body collection elements, each line will give a different feeling, "provoke" numerous "right and wrong." Straight line of custom-made leather card package gives the integrity, firmness, openness, calm, uniform feeling; nice card pack wave line gives smooth and comfortable, up and down feeling. Snail curve gives the feeling of gradually narrowing or stretch; arc gives a rounded, full or thin feeling. The slash gives the feeling of dumping, overwhelming, oppressing. Polyline gives a stiff, roundabout, sudden feeling.

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