The Design Of The Handbag Factory Is How The Division Of Labor?

- Oct 25, 2016-

So the designer in this collective role to play what is it? They need to be responsible for the planning of corporate image, design, leather materials, hardware development, design series of drawings, the design of product packaging guide the work of draftsman, and paper grid division of the design plan, sample review, training sales staff of sample interpretation Design efficient production tools and equipment, regular presided over the women bag processing plant technical seminar.

Paper grinder is in accordance with the design drawings or samples accurate version of the design can make some changes to the new process can make constructive comments, the preparation of technical information to solve the sample production and large-scale production of difficult problems. The material is made by handworkers and workers. The workers are obeying the line length of the handbag factory. They strictly follow all kinds of technology and data, carry out their duties and cooperate closely to exert their technical strength and produce high quality samples.

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