These Bags Is Actually Invisible Health Killer

- Oct 25, 2016-

First, the back of the big bag on the body damage

Shoulder bag is a lot of Europe and the United States Street beat often appear in the fashion element, it is not only convenient and good with, but you know long-term back shoulder bag big body will have any harm?

Second, the neck muscle strain

Carrying bags, the most direct victim is the shoulder and neck Department of shoulder muscles. Backpack, the human body to be done on the shoulders of the action to withstand the fall of the backpack, put the shoulder of the trapezius and the scapular mention muscle to the common contraction,

Plus the trapezius muscle is wrapped with pressure, too long, or overload prone to strain, causing ischemia, pain.

Third, the level of shoulder

Back shoulder large bag, due to shoulder to shoulder greater gravity, neck and neck will not consciously put up, and in order to prevent the package with a decline, this may be more serious. If often used on one side of the shoulder for a long time, will cause ugly shoulder.

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