Totes Bags Has Become One Of The Most Effective And Inexpensive Advertising Media At Present

- Oct 23, 2017-

Tote bags provide convenience for shoppers, so businesses can sell their own brands. From the handbag packaging to the handbag printing to use, not only provides the convenience for the shopper, but also may take the opportunity to sell the product or the brand again. Beautifully designed bags will be put admiringly, even if the handbag printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertising, customers will be happy to re-use, handbags have become the most efficient and inexpensive advertising media.

Hand bag making materials

The material used for making handbags is paper, non-woven, plastic three kinds. Among them, paper bag can choose the type of paper has coated papers, white cardboard and so on.

Coated paper is one of the most popular hand-bag making materials, which is characterized by: good printability. Because coated paper has a high whiteness and gloss, printing suitability, designers can be bold to use a variety of pictures and color blocks, good advertising effect. Coated paper on the surface of the film or matte film, not only has moisture-proof, durable function, but also appears more exquisite. Moderate fastness, such as the need for heavy packaging package, can choose 300G coated paper printing.

White cardboard bag is one of the most high-end handbag, its characteristics are: high strength white cardboard bag strength is the highest in all handbags, this is determined by the physical properties of white cardboard, designers generally use this bag for high-end clothing or goods. Compared with the white board paper, the paper is delicate and delicate, so it is very elegant. Paper tote bag after printing to cover or wear rope can be formed, the rope of the handbag can choose nylon cord, cotton rope or rope. If the handbag size is large, you need to strengthen the rivet at the rope hole to resist pulling force.

Hand bag design knowledge

Handbag to expand Sales, establish brand name, stimulate purchase to enhance competitiveness has a great role. Handbag design generally requires simple and generous, the front of the company's logo and the company's name mainly, or coupled with the company's business philosophy, can deepen the consumer's impression of enterprise products, get good publicity effect. In addition, as the premise of the design and printing strategy of handbag, it is important to establish the enterprise image. The designer in the handbag design form, manifests the enterprise distinctive characteristic, avoids the monotonous uniformity.

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