Travel Bag Can Be Divided Into Backpack, Bag And Drag Package

- Jul 12, 2017-

  Travel bag can be divided into backpack, bag and drag package.

  The types and uses of the travel bag are very small, the travel package is divided into mountaineering bags and daily urban tours or short-distance travel packages. The functions and uses of these packages are very different. Mountaineering bag is divided into large bags and small bags, large bags and outside the frame and the rack-type two, due to the outer frame in the mountains of travel is very inconvenient, generally recommended the use of interior travel bag. To five days to Sichuan Siguniang Mountain hiking as an example, Travel bag it is recommended that men use 70 liters -80 liters of travel bags, ladies use 40 liters -50 liters of travel bags. Travel bag is best equipped with a removable top bag or purse, after arriving at the camp, you can put things in the top bag or pockets, the big bag to stay in the camp, light battle.

  Although carrying a large travel bag, filled with suits, it seems cool look will attract a lot of eyeballs, but the burden on their own weight only their own experience, the shoulder tired and no one for you to share, so travel must To do what they can, in the choice of travel bag must be "the amount of election package." Select the travel bag must be test, that is equivalent to the weight of their own clothes on the package to try the effect, or by a friend's travel bag back, try to pay attention to travel bags and their back is close , Travel bag Belts and chest straps are appropriate, there are men and women to separate and so on.

  There is no good travel bag, will not fill the same will make you back pain. According to the outdoor shop staff, the general order of loading items (bottom down): sleeping bags and clothing, heavy equipment, lighter equipment, feeding, drinks.

  Buy travel bags recommended to the professional store by the professionals to guide the purchase, the purchase must be picky, do not just look at the brand, not appropriate do not want to make do not, Travel bag after all, tired of their own.

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