Travel Bag Selection Skills

- Jul 12, 2017-

  Travel bag selection skills

  Purchase travel bags, should be based on individual needs to buy the appropriate specifications, fabric products. Most of the hard box with high temperature, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, compression characteristics, the hard shell material to protect the contents from the extrusion and impact, but the disadvantage is the built-in capacity fixed. Soft box users can use more space, Travel bag and most of the light weight, toughness, beautiful appearance, more suitable for short trips.

  Travel bags in use is easy to damage the rod, take the wheel and mention the handle, the purchase should focus on inspection of these parts. Consumers can buy when you can pull without the need to bend the standard selection of the length of the rod to repeat the telescopic rod dozens of times, the lever is still pull together, pull the basic switch on the basis of the bar to check the quality of the rod. When you see the box to take the wheel, Travel bag you can put the box upside down, the wheels leave the ground, hand toss the wheels, so that the idling, the wheels turn to be flexible, wheel and axle with not tight, the box should choose the rubber material, Low noise and wear. Put most of the plastic parts, under normal circumstances good quality plastic has a certain toughness, poor quality plastic hard, crisp, Travel bag easy to use in the fracture.

  Buy travel soft box, the first note should the slip zipper is smooth, with or without teeth, dislocation, stitching stitch is straight, on the line should be consistent, no empty needle, jump needle, the general box angle, Jumpers. Second, look at the box, the box is disability (such as fabric off by weft, jump silk, split, etc.), rod, wheel, box lock and other accessories and check the way to buy travel the same way.

  Choose a well-known business and brand. General good quality travel bags more attention to detail, color with appropriate, suture neat, pin length uniform, no thread exposed, fabric smooth and flawless, Travel bag no bubbling, no bare burr, metal accessories bright. Choose well-known businesses and brands have better after-sales protection.

  View label identification. Regular manufacturers of products should be marked product name, product standard number, specifications model, material, production unit name and address, inspection logo, contact telephone.

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