Travel Bags A Travel Tool For Carrying Clothing

- Nov 03, 2017-

Travel bag refers to a variety of leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, plastic, textiles for the fabric, plywood, plastic sheet, box sheet paper for the inner tube, the use of hot-pressing or vacuum molding, injection molding, sewing process produced with clothing carrying the function of a travel tool, according to the classification of the main products include trolley bags, backpack bags, Tote bags.

Tips for buying travel bags:

1, by observing the overall appearance, a good bag must have the following overall characteristics: The requirements of a correct shape, straight teeth, should be stable when placed, can not appear skew phenomenon. Travel bag fabric can not be defective, fabric must not have obvious bumps, printing, textile fabric main parts must not have broken warp, broken weft, jumping yarn and other defects.

2, check the quality of travel bag accessories: The main parts of the bag rain cover, hook, ring, decorative pieces, etc., in addition to the rod bag to pay special attention to the rod, the wheel, travel bag locks and other accessories. To ensure the smooth surface of accessories, no burr, metal coating bright, no rust, spray plastic parts surface coating color uniformity, no leakage, peeling. For the trolley bag, we should pay special attention to the wear-resisting performance of the wheel and the rod.

3, pay attention to the load-bearing performance of the bag, the conditions can be purchased at the time to try. Different specifications of the bag under the conditions of weight test, strap, lift, side lift, side pull belt, side mop does not break, no deformation, no loose, no damage.

4, look at the zipper of the bag pull strength. Zipper categories are mainly plastic zipper, nylon zipper and metal zipper, each zipper has different models, the demand for tensile strength is different.

5. Check the stitching strength of the travel bag. The stitching strength of bags is not less than 196N.

6. Check the fabric rubbing color fastness, ensure not fade. Require dry rub is not less than 4 levels, wet rub is not less than 3 levels.

Travel Bag Purchase Tips:

1, the purchase of travel bags according to their actual needs, the purchase of suitable bags. For example: according to the length of their travel time to choose their own purchase of backpack capacity size, according to their own type of travel, to choose whether the trolley bag or backpack bags and so on.

2, when purchasing to check the key parts of the bag. The most important lever and wheel of the trolley bag, pay special attention when buying. Double shoulder bags to pay attention to the strap is not tough enough, and bag stitching is defective.

3, select well-known businesses and brands. Generally good quality travel bags more attention to detail, color collocation appropriate, stitching neat, stitch length uniformity, no thread exposed, fabric formation without defects, no bubble, no bare edges, metal fittings bright. Choose well-known businesses and brands have a better after-sale protection.

4. View label identification. Regular manufacturers of products should be marked product name, product standard number, specification model, material, production unit name and address, inspection identification, contact telephone and so on.

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