Travel Bags Kind And Use Are Very Fine

- Sep 14, 2017-

Travel bag, also known as travel package, refers to the travel or travel and prepared a class of packages. Travel bag can be divided into backpack, bag and drag package. In the choice, to consider the volume and style, in addition to the user's body and body should also consider the weight and other factors. Because the outdoor travel bag in a special environment, the travel bag materials and technology put forward higher requirements. All travel bag force position are sewn needle sewing three times, so that the force position is durable.

Travel bag can be divided into backpack, bag and drag package.

Species and use of very small, travel bags and mountain bags and daily urban tour or short-distance travel package, the travel bag features and uses are very different. Mountaineering bag is divided into large bags and small bags, large bags and outside the frame and the rack-type two, due to the outer frame in the mountains of travel is very inconvenient, generally recommended the use of interior travel bag. To five days to Sichuan Siguniang Mountain hiking as an example, it is recommended that men use 70 liters -80 liters of travel bags, ladies use 40 liters -50 liters of travel bags. Travel bag is best equipped with a removable top bag or pockets, after arriving at the camp, you can put things in the top bag or pockets, the big bag to stay in the camp, light battle.

Although carrying a large travel bag, filled with suits, it seems cool look will attract a lot of eyeballs, but the burden on their own weight only their own experience, the shoulder tired and no one for you to share, so travel must To be able to do what, in the choice of travel bag must be "the amount of election package." Select the travel bag must be test, that is equivalent to the weight of their own clothes on the package to try the effect, or by a friend's travel bag back, try to pay attention to travel bags and their back is close , Belts and chest straps are appropriate, there are men and women to be separated and so on.

There is no good travel bag, will not fill the same will make you back pain. According to Pathfinder outdoor shop staff, the general order of loading items (bottom down): sleeping bags and clothing, lighter equipment, heavy equipment, feeding, drinks. Buy travel bags recommended to the professional store by the professionals to guide the purchase, the purchase must be picky, do not just look at the brand, not appropriate do not want to make do not, after all, tired of their own.

According to the different travel packages, the general can be divided into three categories of travel bags.

Large travel bag volume of 50 liters or more, for long-distance travel and more professional adventure activities. For example, when you want to go to Tibet such areas for long-distance travel or mountaineering adventure, you should undoubtedly choose the volume of 50 liters or more large travel bag. Some short-term travels also require large travel bags if you need to camp in the wild, because only it can hold the tents, sleeping bags and sleeping cushions you need for camping. Large travel packages can be divided into mountaineering bags and long-distance travel packages according to their different uses.

The mountaineering bag is generally slender, so that through the narrow terrain, the body is divided into two layers, the middle with a zipper sandwich separated, so that when the items are very convenient. The side and top of the bag can be bundled with tents and mats, virtually increasing the volume of the bag. There are ice horns outside the travel bag, for bundles of ice picks, snow pole with. The most worth mentioning is the back of these travel bag structure, the package has a support package of light aluminum alloy frame, the shape of the back is ergonomic design, back width and thick, the shape of the body with physiological curve "S" type design, and there are chest straps that prevent the strap from sliding to both sides, making the travel bag feel very comfortable. And this type of travel bag all have a strong, generous and comfortable belt, the height of the strap can be adjusted. The user can be based on their own body is very convenient to adjust the strap to their own height. Generally speaking, the bottom of the bag is located above the buttocks, so that more than half of the weight of the travel bag can be transferred to the waist, thereby greatly reducing the burden on the shoulder, reducing the long-term weight loss caused by shoulder damage.

The package structure of the long-distance travel package is similar to that of a mountaineering bag, except that the body is large and has a lot of side bags so that the pieces can be sorted and the front face of the long-distance travel package is usually open and the items are very convenient The

Medium travel bag size is generally between 30 to 50 liters, the use of these travel packages more extensive, 2 to 4 days of field travel, travel between cities and some long-distance non-camping self-help travel, medium travel bag is And then appropriate. Carry the clothes and some daily necessities can be loaded under the next. Medium-sized travel bag styles and types are more diverse. Some travel bags add some side bags, more conducive to sub-items. The backpack of these travel bags is roughly the same as the large travel bag.

Small travel bag capacity of 30 liters in the following, these travel bags are generally used in the city, of course, for 1 to 2 days of the picnic is also very appropriate.

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