What Are The Types Of Printing For Non-woven Bags

- Dec 05, 2018-

What are the types of printing for non-woven bags?

The types of printing of non-woven bags are generally divided into the following types:

1. Advanced water slurry printing

The advanced water-stain printing is the most traditional printing process. The water-based paste is transparent. It can only be printed on light-colored fabrics such as white. It has been eliminated due to its single printing effect.

However, from the trend of internationally popular printing, water-based printing has become the first choice for fashion designers with the improvement of technology. Because of its super softness, strong breathability and rich expression, it is favored.

2, non-woven bag high-grade environmental glue printing

The environmentally-friendly glue printing is characterized by strong hiding power of the color, suitable for printing fashionable print patterns with clear lines, neat edges and precise color registration. It is mostly used for printing of high-end fashion and T-shirts, and the most suitable fabrics are also applicable. After printing, it needs to be hot-finished and shaped to obtain high-grade printing works with soft hand feeling, strong elasticity and good color fastness.

3, non-woven handbags high elastic heat transfer printing

Thermal transfer printing is a new type of printing process. There are also dozens of different technologies in transfer printing. The commonly used is the offset printing, which can print photo-level delicate effects, suitable for printing photos and meticulous gradient transition colors. However, the disadvantage is that the production batch size is relatively large, and generally more than 2000 can achieve economic costs. Thermal transfer printing is suitable for cotton and non-woven fabrics, which can greatly improve the product grade of eco-friendly shopping bags.

4, non-woven handbags glue foam printing

The glue is added to the foaming material, and after printing, the high-temperature ironing makes the printing part protrusions have a three-dimensional feeling. This year's latest foaming process can be layered and color-separated in the process of plate-making color separation, which highlights the strong three-dimensional feeling and Feel.

5, non-woven shopping bag thermosetting ink printing

The thermosetting ink printing is mainly used to print beautiful and high-definition pictures of animals, stars, animation games, etc., as well as right angles, rounded corners and thick special effects formed by different printing processes.

The thermosetting ink thick-screen printing process has become a popular trend in T-shirt clothing and handbag printing. Because the thermosetting ink is a non-solvent ink, it can print fine lines, and the surface is flat, and the fastness is good. It has no dry plate, no odor, high solid content, good printability, and can be printed by hand or full. Automatic machine printing and other advantages, so we use thermosetting ink for thick printing. Thick inks have high hiding power, translucent, transparent and other types.

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