What Do You Need To Pay Attention To In The Design Of Handbag Printing?

- Aug 08, 2017-

  What do you need to pay attention to in the design of handbag printing?

  Nowadays, business enterprises favor the use of hand-bag print brand publicity, handbags more easily attract the attention of the group, beautiful, practical, as well as a certain flow of transmission force. Of course, the design of handbags directly affect the quality of visual appeal. The following points should be noticed in the design of handbag printing:

  1, scope to consider wide: the main function of the handbag is two kinds, functional and communication functions; Handbags are usually printed, so in practical function we should consider the choice of paper and price, what kind of paper can have a certain degree of gravity; on the basis of the paper stiffness and smoothness to high, usually the general selection of 200-300g coated papers, white cardboard best.

  2. Design idea: The design of the hand bag print is usually only 4, namely the positive and negative side and two sides of the design, to take into account the finished product size, the design of bleeding, face and face of the interface, the best surface and surface printing color difference is small, so as to perfect cohesion transition.

  In the printing and binding process will not affect the next side of the beautiful.

  3, the general size of the handbag: the size of the handbag is generally customized according to the specific requirements of customers, the current market is usually the size of the hand bag printing off: High: 450mm wide: 330mm thick 90mm.

  There are three common sizes are high: 290mm width: 240mm thick: 80mm top fold to the inside is 40mm, the bottom of the thickness of the width is more than 70%.

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